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Straight talk on NFP, man to man

From the Family Foundations archives **** So you’re getting ready to get married in the Catholic Church and you’re wondering about natural family planning? You’re probably wondering if it’s really good for your marriage and why the Church cares about your method of family planning. You might be wondering what life is really like for couples who…

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Motherhood: strongest antidote to selfishness

Pope Francis is the newest pope of the people. For the first time in decades, media reports on the Holy See are trending positive, non-Catholics find him endearing and his own flock reveal a certain admiration for him, lovingly calling him “Papa Frankie.” While we may have a special place in our hearts for the…

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What we’ve learned: it’s about more than the kids

Humanae Vitae Giving Day *  *  * by Tommy Tighe My wife and I have been on a crazy journey. From thinking the Church should stay out of our bedroom, to reading and embracing Humanae Vitae, to teaching engaged couples all about NFP in the comfort of our living room; it’s a story I barely…

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