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We know NFP can be intimidating to discuss, especially for priests and deacons.
But we also know clergy influence is the single biggest factor in a couple’s decision to learn NFP.


Promoting NFP with Confidence

A FREE online NFP clergy seminar

Many priests don’t feel sufficiently prepared to answer some of the questions their couples may ask about NFP. We get it! Our clergy seminar is designed to be thorough, informative and convenient. What you’ll hear:


  • NFP basics every priest should know
  • How to present NFP so couples will listen
  • Testimony from an NFP married couple
  • Facing the challenge of standing strong on God’s plan for marital sexuality


Help spread the good news of natural family planning to your couples!


Promoting NFP with Confidence is:

Available online anytime •  Approximately 4 hours in length (total) •  Free
(Donations gratefully accepted)

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