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Natural Plan for Parishes!

An introductory NFP program for couples.
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NFP or Natural Family Planning is the general term for natural and moral methods of family planning in the Catholic Church, inspired by the encyclical Humanae Vitae.

NFP is essentially fertility awareness because it is a means of reading the body’s natural signs of fertility and infertility. A married couple’s virtuous application of this knowledge either to try to achieve a pregnancy or to postpone a pregnancy is called responsible parenthood.

FABMs stands for Fertility Awareness Based Methods. In a Catholic context, it is often used to refer to multiple forms of moral NFP methods in line with Theology of the Body and Church teaching.

STM (sympto-thermal method) is the specific method of NFP or a FABM that CCL and Liga use to teach to couples.


Couple to Couple League is dedicated to promote and teach fertility awareness (natural family planning) to married and engaged couples for over 50 years. Liga de Pareja a Pareja is the branch of CCL focusing on Spanish Speaking Couples. Fertility Science Institute is a method-neutral outreach, going beyond Catholic couples and teaches fertility awareness to all faiths,  single women and even offers programs for families. PeakDay is our new App that is used to chart across these programs.



Natural Plan Introductory Program

If you are learning about NFP for the first time, this overview will help you find the right NFP method so you can learn to use NFP effectively.

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CCL Main NFP Series

Looking for a Pre-Cana or certificate class for NFP? Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method through CCL.

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Know Your Fertility - Español

Acceso a consultores certificados durante y después de completado el curso

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Home Page Class 3w

CCL Postpartum Class

Learn how practicing the sympto-thermal method of NFP changes during the postpartum time.

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Home Page Class 4w

CCL Perimenopause Online Class

Learn how to apply sympto-thermal NFP during perimenopause. Get help with charting and other fertility concerns. Personal coaching session.

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Liga Perimenopause Online Coaching

Learn how to apply sympto-thermal NFP during perimenopause for Spanish speakers. Get help with charting and other fertility concerns. Personal coaching session.

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Looking for a one stop shop for all things NFP?

LearnNFP has all of the courses, coaches, books, and resources CCL has to offer to help anyone through a lifetime of fertility in one place.

Looking for an app to help support the fertility journey?

The PeakDay app is the perfect tool! PeakDay is our new fertility tracking app that partners with you to better understand your fertility.

Looking for fertility awareness teachers and/or supportive health professionals?

The FSI Directory brings hundreds of experts in scientifically-based, fertility awareness methods together to provide the support you need.

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