Practicing NFP during the COVID Crisis

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  You are not alone in your NFP journey.  During this time many of us may be feeling stressed, out of our comfort zone and uncertain of the future.  Here are some reminders or ways to help in your practice of NFP. 

Keep Charting

With a different daily schedule now you may forget your temps. Set an alarm and ask your spouse to record it each day. Put a sticky note in the bathroom to remind you to observe mucus. And create a phone reminder for each evening to record it or put a note next to your bed

Keep Charting

  • Set your alarm and ask your spouse to record you temp each day. 

  • Set up a calendar notification reminder for each evening. 

  • Leave yourself a sticky note in the bathroom or next to your bed. 


You've heard of the COVID-19 20 (as in 20 lbs gained!). Practicing healthy eating habits can help with irregular cycles and stress.




  • Now is the time to reinforce healthy eating, taking time to plan meals and healthy snacks.

  • Check out Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon. Lots of great nutrition info to improve cycles which will boost your immunity at the same time, something extra important right now!


Stay-at-home orders do not require you to never leave your home. Exercising and getting outdoors are an important part of NFP and healthy cycles.


  • Enjoy a walk with your family or pet.

  • During binge-watching sessions (come on, we’re all having them!) get on the treadmill if you have one.

  • Check out the hundreds of workout videos on YouTube. 

  • Learn a dance with your spouse or kids.   


Ok, you're just not sure about your observations.  

Or, you really need to postpone the next pregnancy until things settle down. Take a class! 



  • CCL has online classes starting every week.

  • Postpartum or premenopausal? Sign up for one of these transitions classes to give you the needed information for this specific time. 

COVID-19 Stress & Practicing NFP


Moderated by Executive Director Katie Zulanas, several women of various ages on CCL’s coaching team will share their experiences navigating charts and cycles during this time of unpredictability and change.  Dr. Jesse Gorley, MD-Psychiatrist (TC 2135) will share tips for dealing with stress in healthy ways that support the whole person, body and soul.  The webinar will wrap up with a brief refresher on interpreting the temperature and mucus signs of fertility and applying the sympto-thermal rule.

Don't need a class but just looking for more on NFP?

Browse the CCL blog or join the “NFP: CCL’s STM” Facebook group.

Sometimes you need medical advice

There are so many more healthcare providers that are offering telemedicine. Check out this list at our partner Natural Womanhood’s site.

Contact CCL for more specialized support.