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Rising above the baby blues

I have been failing so often to choose joy during this fourth trimester because I was relying on my vocation to fulfill me. How very foolish. I know rationally that my vocation is not my end-all — my life with Christ is.

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The unofficial patron saint of c-sections

Anyone who’s had one could tell you that c-sections are far from easy. Beyond the standard post-partum challenges of balancing regular duties with keeping a fragile human alive, there’s also the added inconvenience of an abdominal incision. Healing from a major surgery like that isn’t a joke. Things can be made even harder if there…

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Motherhood: strongest antidote to selfishness

Pope Francis is the newest pope of the people. For the first time in decades, media reports on the Holy See are trending positive, non-Catholics find him endearing and his own flock reveal a certain admiration for him, lovingly calling him «Papa Frankie.» While we may have a special place in our hearts for the…

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23 postpartum hacks for dads (that don’t involve a gas mask)

There are lots of articles to guide new moms through the challenging world of postpartum life. Turns out, every marriage has a built-in postpartum hack: ask your husband to help! But dad, a little overwhelmed with a temporarily-dependent wife and now a very dependent brand-new, tiny human, might not stay on top of things as…

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Expecting and nervous? There’s an app for that

Graphic courtesy of  Life’n Stats via Google Play. Note: CCL is not associated with Life’n Stats and this is not an official endorsement; we just like supporting new moms! First-time mammas, rejoice! One of the best motherhood apps out there just got even better and now thousands of parents are using it to take the edge…

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Moving off the back burner

From the November-December 2011 issue of Family Foundations: by Carol Greer Recently CCL received the following comment on its Facebook page: I wish that CCL would cover the topic of loving our bodies in those postpartum months and the issues that go with that. I feel like NFP celebrates our bodies, but I always find…

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