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The CCL Mission is to inspire, educate and support couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy and consistent with God’s plan for life, love and marriage.

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Navigating NFP Together

Céline Gaeta interviews Amber and Conner DeHart. As newlyweds, they believe having conversations about family planning and navigating it together is a solid place to start. Céline: Connor and Amber, tell me a little about your family and how you met! Amber: Connor and I met at work, and we were friends long before we…
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Fertility Life Skills

Have you ever been camping? (Real camping—not RV camping!) How quickly priorities get reordered to remind us of the “basics” – keeping warm, safe, fed. It can be refreshing – and leave us with a new perspective and even a sense of accomplishment! The Life Skill of Knowing Your Fertility Sometimes we end up “camping”…
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What’s An NFP Guy To Do?

By Jim Volpe In the software industry, we have a saying, “Run towards the pain.” When we have identified a pain point in a business process, we exercise that process more until we find out what is wrong and fix it. This is a great strategy with computers, but things are a bit different with…
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