The Trumpets Are Sounding

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter season!  We just finished up our first Revelation90 program on May 13th, the feast of our Lady of Fatima.  What a joy it has been for all of us to use prayer, nutrition and exercise to improve our cycles and reveal the gift of our femininity once more. (We are hopeful the men who joined Exodus90 have had a similar blessed journey-despite the cold showers!)

Sound The Trumpets

Strengthened and equipped, CCL is ready to sound the trumpets for the next great campaign. We are summoning all of CCL—teachers, students, and donors to join our “Go and Tell” Campaign. Beginning during NFP Week, July 21-27th, we will turn our focus to sharing the Good News of Humanae Vitae with as many people as possible. “Go everywhere in the world and tell the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15.

The CCL staff and board have been working non-stop to produce new resources and implement  infrastructure to help more couples than ever before learn NFP. And what a joy it has been! At the same time, we see the Holy Spirit at work in our mixed-up world as more and more women and couples are looking for natural alternatives to birth control. Our YouTube channel now has more than 1K subscribers (thank you!), in spite of the fact that our ads are regularly canceled in social media because we talk about subjects such as “fertility” or “family planning.”

Go And Tell

For all these reasons, we ask: Can you please help us?  It will take all of us—our time, talent, and imagination–between those now disenchanted by birth control and our excellent NFP training and support.  The primary focus of this “Go and Tell” Campaign is to bring our new Natural Plan program to as many audiences as possible. While our advertising efforts are starting to bear fruit, we all know how invaluable “in-person” recommendations and witness testimonies are. So, we are going to ask you to be open to how the Holy Spirit will inspire you personally to help with this campaign.

Sign up at so we can get you access to review the Natural Plan program and resources we can all use in this campaign.  Your “yes” here, inspired by the example of Our Lady’s “fiat,” will be a tremendous gift to our brothers and sisters! 

The trumpets are sounding the call!  Let us go out to the battlefield and let the world know the news that God has won the victory, and He welcomes all of us to be gathered to his Sacred Heart.  What a joy!

Written by Katie Zulanas, CCL Executive Director. Originally published in CCL’s Family Foundations.