St. Joseph, The Model NFP Man

While living the NFP life we need to find support and role models wherever God provides them. It is a challenge to live this life by our own skills but that’s not how God designed it. As a teaching couple, we have been blessed that some of our students and fellow teachers have become companions on our journey. We have found couples in our parish that live the NFP life, and we offer mutual understanding and support. I would be remiss to ignore the Holy Family as fellow travelers, including the model of chaste love, St. Joseph.

Role Model

While we may not know much about the daily life of the Holy Family, we can rest assured that St. Joseph practiced chaste love for years. Perhaps we can take some comfort that our challenge is not as strict as his calling to celibacy. He lived out this chaste love by working hard to provide for his family.

As NFP men, we do the same thing. We work hard to maintain a career and provide for our families, often to enable our wives to stay home as much as possible or to choose careers that are more flexible to the children’s needs. And we still labor around the house, especially in the postpartum times, and if our wives breastfeed our little ones. This quiet, routine service is the best example of love when it is practiced without complaint or adulation. St. Joseph is famously a man of no recorded words. This is something that we should ruminate on when we want praise for cleaning the toilet.

St. Joseph

St. Joseph should also be invoked when discerning God’s plan for your family. As he led Mary to Bethlehem for the census, St. Joseph must have been concerned about how to care for and shelter his very pregnant wife. And later, being a simple craftsman, he must have had worries about how to provide for his family when the gold from the Three Wise Men ran out. We should use his example and be as attentive to the will of God as he was to his dreams which guided him through these great challenges. These dreams provide a model for how we should let God guide us and our family.

St Joseph relied on God to provide a home and a community for his family. We too must rely on God to provide the friendships and community we need. St. Joseph is our example and role model.

St. Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, pray for us!

— Written by Jim Volpe. Jim lives in eastern PA with his wife Jen and their five children. Jim and Jen have been a CCL teaching couple for 18 years and Jim is a FSI coach. When not teaching NFP, Jim enjoys board games, video games, splitting wood, and software engineering. Jim is our newest CCL board member.