PeakDay: The Catholic NFP App

Couple on the PeakDay app

You’ve chosen to use Natural Family Planning – so, why aren’t you using a Catholic fertility tracking app to help you practice NFP.

Not all fertility apps are alike. Some apps share your data with third parties. Other apps bombard you with ads about birth control. Some offer support from specialists that may not share your beliefs.

PeakDay is THE Catholic fertility tracking app to chart your period and cycle, and better understand your fertility and ovulation. Also, it was created by Catholic NFP teachers and works seamlessly for couples who want to practice NFP with the help of an app.

Why should couples choose PeakDay over other apps?  

Here are some reasons you can be confident choosing PeakDay.

  • Above all else, it was created by Couple to Couple League, the premier, Catholic provider of natural family planning classes.
  • Your data is kept private and secure.
  • Trusted, experienced, Catholic NFP teachers and fertility coaches can review your charts and give advice.
  • You won’t be bombarded with fertility ads that are not aligned with your faith.

How can a couple benefit from using the PeakDay fertility tracking app?

  • Learn to interpret the phases of your cycles.
  • Set fertility goals, like achieving or postponing pregnancy.
  • Post your questions on the message board.
  • Share charts and cycle history with a mentor, teacher, coach or medical professional.
  • Couples to use the app together and share accounts, so communication is seamless.

Besides those perks, there are the PeakDay Quickstart videos, available on the app and at These are a series of 4 short videos that teach the basics about cycles, fertility, mucus, temperature and how to chart.

Most importantly, PeakDay’s algorithms are based on the highly effective SymptoThermal Method of NFP.

How can a couple learn more?… Find a NFP class!

Obviously, the PeakDay app is just the beginning. Couples can learn NFP or discover more about fertility and cycles with NFP classes for couples, and postpartum and perimenopause courses when needed.

In addition, the PeakDay app is available in both English and Spanish for Android and Apple devices. Women and couples can try PeakDay for free by using the 60 Day Free Trial (for new users). As a result, couples will discover that practicing NFP has never been simpler! Find out more