Finding and Connecting With Others

Couples connecting over a meal

When my husband, Adrian, and I were first married, none of our friends were in steady relationships.  As we started our family, we still hung out with them, but they remained single.  We joined a parish and attended regularly but didn’t find groups or friends that we could connect with. The Family Foundations magazine we received as CCL members was our only connection to other couples like us. We read it in its entirety the day it was received!  While attending a local CCL get-together, we finally met other young, Catholic couples with small children who used NFP.  We hadn’t realized how isolated we had felt until we connected with other couples in the NFP ministry.  

Spending time with other couples who were also passionate about sharing the good news of NFP encouraged us and we became CCL promoters.  After our archdiocese made a full course of NFP a requirement for marriage preparation, promotion was not enough for us. We trained to become a Teaching Couple.  At the training weekend we met wonderful couples whom we are still friends with today.  That was over 20 years ago – when we used email and mobile phones, but not email ON our mobile phones!

The camaraderie felt when communicating with others who teach and coach NFP ignites our passion to do more and to belong to this beautiful organization.  I’m lucky, as I am in touch via email and phone with many Teaching Couples and coaches in my role as CCL Volunteer Coordinator.

Even though some TC’s and coaches stay connected through our Facebook Volunteers group, many more want to connect online, but are not interested in more social media use. I understand the reluctance to rely so much on the online world. Yet, it is the most useful place where groups can connect.

Introducing a new communication platform for our CCL Volunteers: Called by Newman Ministry. The Called app is a new way to build Christian communities and groups. Called makes it easy to foster real connections away from the noise of social media and cluttered group chats. In addition to the CCL Volunteer group, you can use this one app for your parish bible study or youth group. You can also discover other Christian groups to become involved with.  I will continue the monthly TC Update emails for communication, but using the Called app is a place where our volunteers will be able to connect, share and ask questions.

Each CCL volunteer brings hope and witness to a world that is ignorant of the beauty of NFP. We want to support to each other by connecting within the virtual landscape, so no one feels isolated. Christ’s vine weaves through each one of us, His branches, connecting us in the work of His plan for marriage. The Holy Spirit provides each one of us the strength to witness NFP, but united we feel the acceptance and affirmation needed to make us stronger together.

Written by Stacey Nagel, CCL Volunteer Coordinator