Revelation90, Natural Plan and Catholic Media

Catholic ministries, including Couple to Couple League, the premier provider of Natural Family Planning resources, are becoming more and more conversant with using social media and the impact it can have on evangelizing both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Two new programs, Revelation90 and Natural Plan, have been generating interest throughout Catholic social media circles. Couple to Couple League has been busy with interviews, blog posts, articles and podcasts discussing Revelation90, a 90-day challenge created to help women reveal health & wellness habits for healthy fertility, and Natural Plan, a new program designed for engaged and newly married couples presenting NFP and why it’s worth a try.

Revelation90, a Lenten wellness challenge for women, was featured in blogs and articles on The Young Catholic Woman, Patheos, Catholic365, and Aleteia. On The Young Catholic Woman, where founder Carolyn Shields provides original content to guide young Catholic Woman on their spiritual journey, Shields explained Rev90 “isn’t like Exodus90 at all, but is still a structured journey for women to undertake to also become better versions of themselves by diving into wellness habits.”

Aleteia posted an article about Rev90, explaining, “Keeping in mind the different spiritual tendencies of men and women, several Catholic organizations partnered together to create a 90-day program of spiritual renewal and physical wellbeing for women.” For Rev90, CCL brought together partners Temple+Table, for nutrition and cooking classes, and SoulCore, for prayer and fitness, to work with their PeakDay cycle tracking app to encourage young women to understand and embrace their fertility to reveal their healthiest, happiest selves.

Also in the news, is Natural Plan, an introductory program to natural family planning for parishes and individuals. In her interview on the radio show Catholic Community Media, Heather Murphy, CCL Development Director, explained that Natural Plan introduces couples to NFP – what it is, why the Catholic church teaches it, and its effectiveness.

“Thank you! For a lot of women, (marriage prep) is the first time they are going through the motions and getting to know their body on this kind of level.”

Gabbi Smith, Radio Host

She was excited that Natural Plan would be available to women before the rush and stress of wedding planning.

Archangel Radio’s LA Catholic Morning featured Murphy, again talking about Natural Plan, saying, “Breaking through the noise of our society, couples are craving the truth. Natural Plan gets the message out there and reintroduces NFP to young adults.”

She emphasized the growing trend that our culture is embracing natural fertility awareness, and the Catholic church has NFP to offer everyone. Host Ellen Taylor commented, “This seems vitally important. It has become obvious that the birth control pill is not the right and natural way to plan families. It feels to me like young people are being more respectful and open to natural family planning.”

Fr. Rob Jack, while interviewing CCL Director Katie Zulanas on Driving Home the Faith radio show about Natural Plan, agreed that “knowledge is so important” when it comes to fertility awareness and NFP. Zulanas commented that NFP is moving hearts as couples gain knowledge about natural fertility and that Natural Plan can help couples live a “happy, holy, healthy lifestyle.” She explained that with 68 million downloads of fertility apps, it was clear to CCL another approach to sharing the beauty of NFP was needed and Natural Plan was the answer.

Catholic Connections’ Teresa Tomeo, when talking about Natural Plan, called it “real, accessible, and easy to understand” and marveled at the variety of fertility experts, scientists, researchers, clergy, practicing couples and fertility coaches that were assembled to present various modules that a parish can use in customized configurations for engaged and married couples; all at an affordable price, attractive to a busy pastor or family life director looking for an introductory program for natural family planning.

More interviews  and appearances are slated with the National Catholic Register and Radiant Magazine (OSV) to continue the conversation about Revelation90 and Natural Plan, proving that the Catholic media world is relevant, making a difference and evangelizing in an entertaining yet transformative way.

For more information about Revelation90 and Natural Plan click on the links.