Fertility Life Skills

Camping couple life skills
Couple with Fertility Life Skills… Camping

Have you ever been camping? (Real camping—not RV camping!) How quickly priorities get reordered to remind us of the “basics” – keeping warm, safe, fed. It can be refreshing – and leave us with a new perspective and even a sense of accomplishment!

The Life Skill of Knowing Your Fertility

Sometimes we end up “camping” whether we plan on it or not.  During emergencies or tragedies, we find ourselves refocused on the basics.  I was reflecting on learning NFP from CCL during our Marriage Prep—and acknowledging how my husband and I are so grateful for learning this “life skill.”  It turns out NFP leads you to a healthier, holier, happier (despite being sometimes harder!) lifestyle.  NFP has many side benefits. We enjoy healthy nutrition for our family, better communication between Tom and me, and a practical way to practice selflessness. Seems like such a simple thing—NFP takes only minutes a day. Ultimately, the daily practice has led to a lifetime of benefits.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” 

-Josh. 1:9

The daily practice of NFP gave us another blessing—a deep understanding of the gift of our fertility. With CCL’s help, we became the authority of our fertility and began to recognize our awesome opportunity to become “co-creator” with God! Day by day, our understanding of NFP grew to natural mastery. We got accustomed to the natural cycles of our fertility and were able to identify our fertile and non-fertile phases with ease.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  Occasionally, stress or illness, or unexpected circumstances would motivate us to be uber careful and detailed in our charting, but in general, we would know to look for peak day and temperature rise. All was good – we could go camping with confidence!

Natural Mastery

And that natural confidence and mastery is our wish for you.  Our goal is to help you understand and use the “life skill” of NFP with confidence and authority.  Because, let’s face it, all of us, at some time or another, will end up “camping.” We’ll end up without power, internet, apps, stores—and we’ll need to know our fertility beyond a method and beyond an app. Our natural fertility is tied to our health and well-being–and done right: it is the blessing of a lifetime!

Asking the Holy Family for special blessings on both our Teaching Couples and our students for a happy, holy, health journey.  Make sure you get in touch and let us know how it is going! Keep camping!