Revelation90 Lenten Challenge for Women

Couple to Couple League just launched Revelation90. It is a 90 day course where women take a deep dive into their wellness habits to reveal their healthiest, happiest selves. Drawing on the expertise of program partners SoulCore and Temple+Table, Revelation90 provides a holistic answer to the persistent health problems that women face today. The inaugural Revelation90 challenge will kick off on Ash Wednesday and end on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

An Answer to a Problem

Katie Zulanas, Executive Director of Couple to Couple League, says Revelation90 is the answer to a problem that the Couple to Couple League has observed for years. “Working with hundreds of thousands of women in helping them learn about and understand their fertility, we have unfortunately seen a disturbing trend of cycles becoming more irregular,” Zulanas said. “A woman’s cycle is an extremely accurate indicator of overall health. Revelation90 will give you great insight into your health. It will also give you the tools needed to design a happier, healthier, smarter lifestyle.”

There are a throng of diet and exercise programs out there for women. Couple to Couple League wants to use their aptitude for teaching to offer something truly unique. Rev90 is something that is focused on the health of the woman’s mind, body, and soul.

Health in Every Aspect of Life

“When it comes to your health, it truly is what’s on the inside that counts,” Zulanas said. “We are not interested in only helping women look healthy. We want a woman’s health to be evident in every aspect of her life – physically, spiritually and mentally. Becoming the authority of your own fertility and health will benefit you throughout your life.”

That’s why Revelation90 comes with a premium subscription to the PeakDay app for cycle tracking. It also comes with resources from SoulCore to create habits of body-positive physical activity. Nutrition webinars and cooking classes are provided by Temple+Table.

Participants will be encouraged to chart their biomarkers each day and join in the daily Angelus prayer. All together, they will use the resources provided to design a program based on personal goals.

Participants receive all of the resources needed to complete these four tasks including a personal journal, access to CCL’s PeakDay app, community support through an online platform, nutrition strategies and cooking classes as well as prayers and exercise routines.

Participants can enroll in Revelation90 at Course cost is $40.