PeakDay & Revelation90 at SEEK24!

What do you get when you have 5 days, 19,000+ Catholic college students, halls full of in-demand Catholic speakers, dozens of religious orders in their habits and hundreds of vendors of products and programs geared for young Catholics? SEEK24! You can bet that Couple to Couple League was there amid the milling crowds, ordered chaos, and masses of young women hungry for a Catholic cycle charting app and an opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally & physically. CCL delivered on both counts! 

SEEK24 is a week-long gathering of college-age students being called to a deeper relationship with Christ and is sponsored by FOCUS, Fellowship of Catholic University Students. This event was recently held in St. Louis, MO, and CCL sponsored a table highlighting the Catholic PeakDay app and our new Revelation90 Lenten Challenge.  

Fourteen-hour days saw a steady stream of young women eager to hear about a Catholic alternative to the secular cycle tracking app many were already using. 

CCL staff spoke to well over 500 young women about the benefits of fertility awareness, and over the course of 5 days here is what we heard most often from them about their current cycle tracking practices: 

  • I use an app, but I wish I didn’t have to see all the inappropriate ads. 
  • My app stinks. 
  • I downloaded one but got rid of it right away when I saw the other things they were pushing. 
  • I barely track my cycles, but I wish I could for my health. 
  • My app costs too much for what I need it for. 

If you only could have seen the wide-eyed excitement and relief on their faces when we told them about PeakDay, the Catholic fertility tracking app that is free for young women charting their cycles. After seeing the many features the app offered that answered their concerns and issues, the young women simply downloaded the app at that moment! 

Check out the highlight reel from the Seek24 conference!

In addition to PeakDay, we shared registration information on Revelation90, a new, 90-day Lenten challenge that includes cycle tracking, prayer, nutrition, and fitness. CCL has partnered with Temple and Table and SoulCore to provide a holistic approach to improving mind, body, and spirit over the course of the Lenten season. There was a great deal of anticipation as the young women envisioned what they will learn and how they can share the experience together with friends.  

Being at SEEK24 amidst all those faithful college-age students was a beautiful opportunity to see how many young women are seeking to make good choices in accordance with Church teaching and to witness how Couple to Couple League is growing to meet those needs.