New Booklets for Better Fertility Health

Marilyn Shannon has been saying in Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition since 1990, “Many cycle problems can be alleviated — or even solved — simply through better nutrition or body balance.” Couple to Couple League has recommended her book to countless women and men over the past 30-plus years. Significantly, our NFP Teaching Couples and Fertility Coaches find her self-care advice as relevant and effective today in its updated 5th Edition as in the first edition.

The substantial, 416-page book covers a wide range of issues related to female and male fertility. CCL felt a need to condense this valuable information. We created smaller, quickly navigated, easy to use booklets separated by area of interest.

Each newly printed booklets is an excerpt from Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition, covering 4 different areas of concern for today’s audience.

  • Four Common Causes of Cycle Problems and Female Infertility
  • Peak Male Fertility
  • PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Empowering Women to Face Fertility Challenges
  • Shorter Lighter Pain Free Periods, already a popular booklet excerpt, has a cosmetic update with a new cover and modern graphics.


Each booklet contains the same research and time-tested advice from the full-size book. They are now in a more compact, attractive, and targeted edition. The booklet PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Empowering Women to Face Fertility Challenges helps readers discover what PCOS is, how weight loss, dietary modifications, supplements, and exercise can improve symptoms, and the relationship between PCOS, excess estrogen & low thyroid function.

Peak Male Fertility

In Peak Male Fertility, declines in male fertility, improved nutrition, lifestyle, body weight, supplements, and male reproductive health are considered along with encouragement for improvements in self-care.

Four Common Causes of Cycle Problems

In Four Common Causes of Cycle Problems, the recommended charting of cycles allows causes of cycle irregularities like short luteal phase, thyroid problems and underweight or low body fat, to be quantified for analysis and improvement.

Shorter, Lighter, Pain Free Periods

A perennial favorite with women, Shorter, Lighter, Pain Free Periods, covers heavy or prolonged periods, diet for healing and normal blood clotting, painful periods, supplements, endometriosis, and when to seek medical help.

Food For Fertility

To complement the booklet PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Empowering Women to Face Fertility Challenges, CCL partnered with Amanda Rohwedder of Temple and Table to develop a new cookbook, Food For Fertility: Recipes to Improve Health and Manage PCOS. Amanda is a degreed nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado, holds a B.S. Nutritional Science and an M.S. Medical Science with a concentration in Women’s Health. Amanda founded Temple and Table as a way to nourish our culture by connecting physical and spiritual health.

In the Food for Fertility cookbook, Amanda developed over 20 delicious recipes. She designed a handy Pantry Guide to help mitigate PCOS symptoms and support balanced hormones. Cooking meals and snacks and keeping blood sugar balanced can be accomplished with the recipes and pantry guide included. The recipes can help alleviate PCOS symptoms. Pair the cookbook and the PCOS booklet for two powerful resources to improve your cycle health.

Improved nutrition and lifestyle can have a positive impact on overall and reproductive health. Understand the relationships between diet, nutrition, body balance and fertility. Employ targeted self-care with the assistance of these booklets and cookbook. This knowledge will be a blessing for women and men experiencing fertility issues.

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