A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Are you like millions of other Americans who resolve to live a healthier lifestyle in the new year? Are you afraid that despite your enthusiasm and motivation to make lasting changes in diet and exercise you might lose steam after a few weeks because…well…you have in the past and there is always some occasion to celebrate? Don’t feel bad. This happens to many people. Every. Year.

New Resolution

Why not make a different kind of resolution this year — one that will garner a healthier you and also serve as a great foundation for other health-related goals? This new year, resolve to learn natural family planning!

The Sympto-Thermal method of NFP taught by the Couple to Couple League can be more that 99% effective when used perfectly. “Typical use” effectiveness rates range between 98% and 99%, and it’s 100% natural — no drugs, devices or hormones involved. Why expose yourself to the many risks and side-effects of these methods? You do not need to take a pill, get a shot or insert a device to plan pregnancies effectively. NFP is safe, healthy and immediately reversible when you and your spouse are ready to conceive a child.

The health of your body is very important, but so too is the health of your relationship. Couples who practice NFP say that doing so allows them to connect on a deeper level because sex is not always an option. Rather than harm a relationship, a period of abstinence each month strengthens the bond between spouses because they learn to develop other ways to spend quality time together and show their love for one another. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at some of our Real Couples. Real Stories.

Nothing to Lose

What have you got to lose? Check out our class options and let this new year be the one you make a lasting change toward better health with NFP! Curious about the other scientifically based, USCCB approved methods of NFP? Take the Method Matcher quiz at Fertility Science Institute.

Already know about NFP? What about teaching NFP to others? Look into our options to be a promoter or CCL teaching couple.