Everything Beautiful in its Time

Couple on laptop working together, developing a tradition for their family

Fall and winter are seasons steeped in tradition for my family. It begins when we go on retreat at a Benedictine Monastery, spiritually resetting ourselves. Then school and soccer begin again. Next, we look forward to the Apple Festival, trick-or-treating in our NY hometown, Thanksgiving in Indiana. Then there is a plethora of Advent and Christmas activities. My husband’s family jokes that “if you do something once and Brendan likes it, it becomes tradition.” Our own family now thrives on this cycle of events each season.

This year, however, is going to look a little different. My oldest just left for college, so that changes some of our travel plans. We previously homeschooled but now our other four children will be starting a new school experience. Also, my father-in-law recently passed away, so the dynamics of family gatherings won’t be the same without him. I recognize that change is a part of life – it’s how we grow. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

As you can imagine, in the past 52 years, Couple to Couple League has thrived on tradition. Couples, parishes, and Dioceses know who we are, what we stand for, and the quality education we provide. Our core will never change. Our culture, however, has shifted dramatically in the last fifty years. It’s time for CCL to advance how we meet the needs of a new generation.

PeakDay App

With PeakDay 2.0, the science of CCL’s fertility awareness is accessible to 6.92 billion people (almost 86% of the world’s population) on their smartphones. Imagine how women’s health and family life would change for the better if we could reach a fraction of them? The app is beautiful, functional, accessible, and ready to take off. This is the tool that GenNFP needs to practice effective fertility awareness, right at their fingertips. Try it yourself; share it with a friend or loved one! Make it a new tradition.

Natural Plan

CCL has just seen the launch of Natural Plan – a first-class introduction to NFP that can be used by dioceses, parishes and community groups to introduce natural family planning and its benefits to whomever is interested. Natural Plan is a direct response to the changing times of marriage preparation and family planning. It is versatile enough to present to other audiences, as well. We intend to share this program with Right to Life groups, women’s groups, college students and young adults, religious communities, the medical community, and anyone else who can benefit from and share the message. CCL will start presenting Natural Plan across the country to a variety of demographics.

PeakDay 2.0 and Natural Plan, in conjunction with the growth of our Fertility Science Institute platform, will reach countless women and couples across the lifetime of their fertility. Our mission of providing science-based, effective, and natural fertility awareness is something that everyone can benefit from. Be assured that while our tradition of teaching couple to couple isn’t going anywhere. We are, however, expanding our options to answer the call of our culture.

It’s only through your continued prayerful generosity that we can cast the net wide and spread the good news of God’s plan for our brothers and sisters in Christ. With our $1MM campaign this year, we plan to reach even more women and couples with our new programs and initiatives. We are 22% of the way there! We read in Ecclesiastes 3:10-11, “I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. He has made everything beautiful in its time.” We are living in times of burden, challenge, and change, but through God it will be made beautiful. Join us in this important work!

By Heather Murphy, CCL Development Director, for Family Foundations magazine.