“Promote CCL” October 2023 Round-Up

October was the month our TC’s and Promoters let us know about their work in their local Dioceses! They promote, offer their usual NFP courses live and online, and lead hundreds of chart reviews for their students. They also make themselves available for presentations and events where they believe others can benefit from knowing more about NFP.

Here are a few more examples we can congratulate them for: 

  • NFP presentations at the Diocese of Fargo Pre-Marriage Conferences 
  • NFP presentations at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Mesa, AZ 
  • A yearly NFP/Sexuality talk at the Boston Diocesan Marriage Prep Program 
  • Staffing a CCL vendor table at the Spokane Diocese Wholehearted Women’s Gathering 

Active Promoters and TC’s

Promoters and Teaching Couples continue to place bulletin announcements in parishes across the country, download and review the PeakDay app on Apple and Google, subscribe to our various PeakDay, FSI & CCL YouTube channels, speak with priests, share Family Foundations magazine, distribute NFP resources, and recruit new promoters. 

Our volunteers are honing their skills and keeping up to date with Promoter training sessions and Chart Case Reviews. They are networking with parish contacts, Right to Life friends, ministers from other denominations, and instructors of other methods. 

Most recently and after great anticipation, CCL has launched Natural Plan, a much needed and asked for NFP Introductory Program. TC’s and Promoters will have a chance to sample and learn more about it at their November 19th Preview. They will now have yet another excellent tool in their arsenal to promote the truth and beauty of Natural Family Planning to Dioceses and Parishes around the world! 

Thank you to these couples for their contributions this month: Bernadette and Robert Jones, Clarence and Betty Vetter, Stacey and Adrien Nagle, Maureen and Mark Trettel, Andrea and Ronald Gronsky, Steve & Jeanne Finger, Gabi and Marshall Boyland.