Natural Plan Has Something for Everyone

Natural Plan is for everyone who wants to learn about Natural Family Planning. Natural Plan was created specifically for parishes and dioceses as a simple way to introduce NFP to their Catholic communities. This program is perfect for newly engaged couples in Marriage Prep courses or sessions at the parish. Newlywed couples or married couples who simply may not be aware of NFP are good audiences, as well.

Natural Plan helps a couple understand what NFP is and why it is worth a try. It gives them online access to 10 video modules and 5 bonus modules. Also included is the Natural Plan Couple’s Guide, free downloads and 60 days free subscription for the PeakDay App, the premier Catholic fertility tracking app. Other included resources help couples choose the right method for them and provide access to certified Fertility Coaches. If purchased by a parish, there is also a Natural Plan Parish Guide chock full of ideas for implementing the program.

Individual Natural Plan modules can be used in Catholic mom’s groups, Knights of Columbus meetings, Pro-Life circles and even for young adult programs. Many clergy members have chosen to watch the course to be informed about the latest information on Natural Family Planning. In a nutshell, Natural Plan is for anyone looking for greater fertility awareness that is imbued with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

What is Natural Plan?

  • Natural Plan is an introduction to natural family planning to open hearts and minds to want to learn a method of NFP.
  • Natural Plan does not teach students an actual method of NFP.
  • Natural Plan is method neutral.
  • Natural Plan is available online, LIVE online or LIVE in person.
  • Natural Plan includes video modules and a workbook for couples.
  • Natural Plan is available for couples to buy and view online. It is also available with a parish subscription to teach multiple couples at once.
  • Natural Plan is inexpensive with introductory pricing of only $15 a couple or $125 per parish. This is due to the generosity of CCL donors who have made this program possible.
  • Natural Plan is an aid for CCL teachers and promoters to spread the word
    about NFP.

How Can You Use Natural Plan?

Spread the word! Tell your friends, family and your parish priest about this new program. It is easy to use and a clear explanation of NFP.

Offer Natural Plan for parishes! Many of our CCL teachers and volunteers have decided to purchase and offer Natural Plan in their parish as an introductory session for NFP, hoping it will lead to more couples to learn CCL’s STM method of NFP.

Support CCL through your donations to help continue to offer Natural Plan at low pricing to parishes and couples for another year. We want to help as many couples as possible open their minds and hearts to NFP.

Here is an excerpt from Dr Lauren Rubal, featured in several modules:

I’m going speak with you today about the fertility cycle, how our bodies work and understanding the medical side of NFP. When a couple learns to observe and record the fertility signs or biomarkers in each of these phases of the fertility cycle, they can use this information to know when a woman is fertile or not. This is the scientific and biological foundation on which natural family planning is built.


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Written for Family Foundations magazine by Martha Haenni