Finally…It’s “Go Time!” for CCL New Projects

“I have chosen you from the world, says the Lord, to go out and bear fruit that will remain,” (John 15:16) certainly applies to CCL. God has called forth our members from the world to teach and support the holy NFP “lifestyle.” For months I have been looking forward to shouting “It’s Go Time!” I can hardly believe we are finally here. We have not one, but TWO new products to help us share the gift of NFP and Humanae Vitae.“

PeakDay App

After nearly two years and substantial investment, we have finished the complete rewrite and update of the PeakDay app (previously CycleProGo). Hurray! The new server and code provides us with the flexibility and stability to offer this app beyond our marriage-prep classes. With the tremendous public interest in all-natural fertility, this will be a great tool for evangelization.

Natural Plan

Our second product is Natural Plan. Natural Plan is an excellent overview of NFP —with videos from doctors, scientists, clergy, and couples themselves. It presents a compelling case for adopting the NFP lifestyle. The goal of the program is to inspire a couple to pursue a full class in an NFP method. Natural Plan is modular. Parishes and diocese can customize it to fit with their program with lots of options and supporting materials.


As a promoter couple, Tom and I are ready to head out with these new products to our parish. Inspired by the generous members of CCL, we are donating to the $1MM campaign and encourage you to join us. Investment in this campaign will allow us to keep offering the introductory pricing of $125 per year, which gives a parish unlimited access to Natural Plan videos and materials. We intend to present this program to as many groups as the parish will allow: marriage prep, mom’s group, men’s group, K of C, young adults, etc. Because it is modular, we can present sections that are appropriate for the audience and the time available. The program is excellent, and we cannot wait to share our experiences with you! Check our YouTube channel on Saturday mornings—we will keep you updated!

The end of the year brings darker days, but in that darkness, we have the birth of new life and hope with the gift of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Christmas. What an extraordinary opportunity we have with the birth of these new CCL products—our gift to our world!

By Katie Zulanas, CCL Executive Director. Originally published in Family Foundations.