Sharing NFP for 43 years – and Counting

Several decades ago, Clarence Vetter’s brother, a priest, approached Clarence and Betty with the news that NFP classes were coming to their area. Betty was pregnant with their second child when the couple was trained in CCL’s Sympto-Thermal method. They started charting postpartum and the rest is history. A nun later approached the couple, asking them to consider becoming a Teaching Couple. The Vetters were friends with other Teaching Couples and had a positive experience with CCL, so they quickly agreed. Clarence and Betty have now been teaching for CCL for almost 44 years!

The couple has made several moves but continued to teach wherever they lived. They retired from their careers in 2016 and bought a condo in Arizona. As a deacon, Clarence, along with Betty, met with the Bishop there to establish a relationship and they quickly bonded with him over the NFP message. This began their split ministry between Arizona and North Dakota, where they promote and teach from both homes.

Most recently, the Vetters have been annually teaching three classes in AZ, one class in ND, speaking at marriage preparation giving their witness talk (and sharing about NFP!), and putting announcements in all their bulletins. Betty is grateful for all the amazing friends and couples they have met through being a Teaching Couple and Clarence said there should be no such thing as a bored TC! When asked to give advice to younger promoters and Teaching Couples, Betty notes, “We’ve found that teaching after menopause is even easier! We don’t have the hustle of young family life (like finding babysitters) and you never forget the rules. We’ve made it through lots of changes and it just gets easier!”