“Promote CCL” September 2023 Round-Up

It is amazing how the actions of just one person can be the catalyst to something even bigger. A CCL TC sent an email to her diocese to have them forward on to all parish secretaries, and one secretary emailed the TC back to express her support of NFP. The secretary then personally reached out to a few engaged couples in her parish to encourage them to take NFP classes. One couple (actually, her son and his fiancé!) took the CCL live online class and another couple took a live class from a CCL teaching couple.

All those lives potentially changed for the better because of one email. But wait, there is more!

  • While attending a ministry fair, another TC met with 2 doctors and gained 2 new students. She found a woman who needed nutritional information to improve her cycles. She also gifted her local priest a book to encourage his commitment to NFP.
  • Another teaching couple gave an Intro to NFP presentation and inspired 10 engaged and married couples.
  • A TC gave a 7-minute talk at the end of 3 masses during NFP Awareness Week. She also made herself available for questions afterwards.
  • As a sponsor to couples preparing to get married, a TC has presented an overview of NFP to groups of couples twice already this year, with more planned!

Above & Beyond

These efforts go above and beyond what is expected of our TC’s. Our Promoters are also stepping-up their efforts so those who need to know about the beauty and truth of NFP will hear it. Here are just a few examples:

  • Meeting with Family Life Directors and presenting at marriage prep retreats.
  • Staying informed of new and exciting updates to our PeakDay app.
  • Watching the PeakDay podcast for encouragement and meaningful stories to share.
  • Staying current in their TC knowledge by attending any training sessions offered.
  • Subscribing to the CCL, FSI and PeakDay YouTube channels.
  • Leaving positive reviews on Google & Apple for the PeakDay app.
  • Placing parish bulletin announcements for their class series and sponsoring tables at pro-life ministry fairs. (See below.)

Having Fun, Too!

Our TC’s and Promoters know how to have fun, too. The Cleveland, Ohio dioceses’ CCL teachers (along with the Marquette, Creighton, Billings, and Diocesan teachers) formed NEO-NFP (Northeast Ohio NFP) 15 years ago to promote NFP in the area. After Covid, they resumed their annual picnic and a few other events. This summer they had 74 people attend, as seen in the top photo!

Whether it is just one person making that extra effort or a group of NFP supporters gathering for social time, our TC’s and Promoters are the heart of our mission of inspiring, educating and supporting couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy and consistent with God’s plan for life, love and marriage.

Thank you to these couples for their contributions this month: Anne & Nick Ryan, Kathy & Joe Hack, Jessica & Nick Ragsdale, Mary Ellen & Timothy Jakubisin, Elizabeth & Seth Timpe, Maria & Jeremy Henson, Robert & Bernadette Jones, Rita & Ben Pehl, Heather & Bradley Slaymaker.