Volunteering With Joy in a Busy World

When I was a child my mom was always busy. At my school. In our church. Around the community. While she was a traditional stay at home mom, we joked that she worked as a full-time volunteer. Watching her give of herself and the difference she made to those around her made a lasting impression on who I am as a person today.  

Giving Back

Throughout the various seasons of my life, I’ve been mindful of my mom’s example and how I can give back. Sometimes I could give something small – like making a meal for a new mom or sick family member. Sometimes it was a bigger commitment like teaching at the homeschool co-op or religious education program at our parish. At times, I’ve been an NFP instructor, PreCana leader, Board member, or soccer coach. That was a rough season (literally), but, it did bring me closer to my son.  

Each time I’ve taken on (or given up) one of these volunteer roles I’ve spent time in prayer, asking God to show me His will. I have a favorite coffee mug beautifully inscribed with the word “Fiat” – Mary’s “Yes” to God’s invitation. Every Sunday at Mass I pray “God, help me to do Your will in my life.” Hearing God’s voice and finding the balance between what I want to do and what I can reasonably do is tricky. I’m constantly discerning when to say yes (or no), how to inspire my own children, and still be fully present.  

Joy In Making A Difference

There is a joy in being able to give back and in making a difference. Luke 12:48 tells us, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded. And from the one trusted with much, much more will be expected.” As Catholic Christians, we have been given much but that looks different for each of us. What sparks joy in you? What are your gifts and talents? How can you take that joy and share it with others? I encourage you to take some extra time in prayer and see where God is calling you in this season of your life. Here at CCL, we are always looking for more NFP Promoters and Teaching Couples. Maybe God will nudge you in that direction. Are you ready to say “Yes?”  

Heather Murphy is the Director of Development at Couple to Couple League.