“Promote CCL” August 2023 Round-Up

NFP in Action during the Month of August  

Like the weather during this past month of August, our CCL Promoters and Teaching Couples were on a hot streak advancing the good tidings of natural family planning! The Fertility Science Institute Directory (fertilityscienceinstitute.org) is the star this month as there were several new medical professionals who joined the directory. Thanks to conversations with CCL Teaching Couples, two OB/GYN doctors and a nurse practitioner, each with specialties in either FEMM or NaPro, joined the growing ranks of medical professionals on the FSI directory who are providing scientifically based training and resources to empower everyone throughout a lifetime of fertility.

At a parish ministry fair, along with 80 other ministries, a TC exhibited a table promoting natural family planning and Couple to Couple League. They were able to download the new infographics and various posters to display, along with brochures, Family Foundations, chart booklet and student guide samples. Meeting couples before and after each Sunday mass, they exclaimed, “It was a very good Sunday!” See the webpage dedicated to resources for promoters and volunteers to get your free downloads, too! Promote CCL

Whether you speak to couples at a ministry fair or one-on-one, like a TC who traveled several miles to meet with a small group of couples, the fruits can be amazing! From that one informational talk given to just three couples, all three ultimately decided to take the main NFP course offered by CCL!

Another TC, on two consecutive days, was busy at events promoting the sanctity of life and NFP. While praying outside an abortion clinic, they shared CCL and FSI flyers and cards with other pro-life pray-ers who engaged with them, all while “wearing” laminated NFP posters which were hung from cords draped over their necks. The next day they were back at it attending their area’s monthly pro-life gathering across from a local women’s hospital. Other ministries, speakers, and participants were eager for more information and networking with them.

This active Teaching Couple shared an inspirational message for all of us: “Persistence really pays: just being present at events like these over the months and years has made the local pro-life community recognize us and also begin to recognize the Good News about natural family planning and martial sexuality free from contraception.”

CCL Promoters and Teaching Couples are the “secret sauce” to spreading the word about the beauty and goodness of natural family planning. There is nothing compared to the efforts each and every one of them makes month-in and month-out; in the cooler months of fall and winter or in the blistering heat of a sultry summer!

Thanks to these TC’s and Promoters for their efforts: Stacey & Adrian Nagle, Mary Ellen & Tim Jakubisin, Carrie and Chris Borgerding, Jennifer & Ivan D’Souza, and Linda & Dave Ulmer.