CCL Central New Office Blessing

Written by Martha Haenni

This summer, CCL’s Central office in Cincinnati moved into a larger, remodeled space within the Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center building. Early in September, Fr. Rob Jack, Theology instructor at the Cincinnati Athenaeum and host of Driving Home the Faith radio show on 910 AM Sacred Heart Radio, toured the newly renovated office and, at the staff’s request, brought the “Big Guns” of blessed and exorcised holy water with him to bless the space.  

Using the holy water, Fr. Rob sprinkled the outer walls and doors and each individual office. Praying over the office and staff, Fr. Rob recited, “O God, in your wise providence you are glad to bless all human labor, the work of our hands and of our minds. Grant that all who plan and conduct business in this office may, through your guidance and support, come to right decisions and carry them out fairly.” 

He also gifted us with a large, blessed St. Benedict medal which was immediately hung above the entrance door. He recommended renewing the office blessing each month by sprinkling holy water at the entrance door and saying a simple prayer. CCL’s Executive Director, Katie Zulanas, was present and expressed her gratitude to Fr. Rob for providing this “next level spiritual protection” for the staff and all they are endeavoring to accomplish. The goal was to “acknowledge that everything we are doing is for God’s glory and we are humbly asking for His direction and protection.” 

While a previous office refresh allowed us more usable desk space and an area to welcome visitors, planned growth and future increases in support staff were better accommodated with an entirely new and larger office space. Although it was a short move from the south side to the north side of the building, the difference between the two spaces is huge – both in square footage and ambiance! 

We are now blessed with double the desk area, with room to grow, as well as a view from the front door through the whole length of the office of the majestic oak trees ringing the perimeter of the property outside two 12-foot, arched windows. The office, previously occupied by Sacred Heart Radio’s recording studios, included several smaller rooms for recording programs. It now accommodates an open-plan desk area, a podcasting room, a modest conference room and a glass-enclosed office for our ministry’s CFO – a special accommodation so she has the privacy she needs and can still enjoy, along with the rest of the staff, the sunlight and greenery outside the windows. 

“We couldn’t be happier and feel truly blessed to be able to work daily in this sunlit, spacious office,” remarked Annie Roettker, CCLs’ CFO. Now that the office has been officially blessed by Fr. Rob, the staff works with the confidence that God is continually invited into all spheres of our ministry.