Promoting NFP with the Medical Community

Stacey Nagle, in the Diocese of Denver, CO, had the opportunity to share about CCL and NFP with a new local physician.

This NaPro trained physician recently opened her own practice and began reaching out to parishes in the area to announce her business.  Adrian and Stacey Nagle’s pastor received the information and passed it on to the Nagles, who teach NFP at his parish.  The new practice is located very close to their home and Stacey was pleased to set up a meeting with the doctor.  She said, “We’re excited to have another medical provider who is so supportive of helping patients with their cycles. This doctor was happy to have an NFP teacher nearby to recommend to patients who need/want to learn to chart.  It’s a win win for community!”

The doctor also joined the FSI Directory, which will give her additional exposure beyond her immediate location. Did you know that you can purchase Fertility Science Institute postcards and booklets through CCL to help promote this free directory to the physicians in your area?