“Promote CCL” July 2023 Round-Up

NFP in Action during the Month of July  

Our CCL Promoters and Teaching Couples were actively advocating NFP this past month! It was all about parish life in July as they could be found at information tables at their local parishes with bi-lingual displays, flyers, and brochures and booklets, as well as speaking to congregations about how NFP transforms marriages and benefits women’s health overall. Many placed bulletin announcements about NFP Week and upcoming classes. One couple was able to speak with a new Family Life Director, sharing how CCL can provide resources and support to help him promote NFP. 

Several promoters and TC’s attended the Promoter Webinar hosted by Stacey Nagle, CCL National Volunteer Coordinator, on how to come up with a three-line elevator speech to use when asked, “Hey, what do you do in your spare time?” Promoters and TC’s were also subscribing to the CCL YouTube channel and could be found manning an NFP information table at a local county fair. 

Need more inspiration and ideas for how to promote NFP? Represent CCL at a local conference, meet with your diocese or parish Family Life Representative and show them MyParishNFP.org, organize a picnic or team get-together in your area, recruit another promoter and encourage your past students to become the next generation of teaching couples, motivate friends to become benefactors of CCL, and encourage medical professionals to become part of the Fertility Science Institute Directory. 

Thanks to all of these hands-on efforts, natural family planning is continuing to be introduced to a society that needs to hear the truth and beauty about God’s design and plan for our bodies.  

Thank you to these couples for their efforts in July: Sharon and Brian Drees, Annette and Kelly Righetti, Kimberly and Ted Goll, Kathleen and Ron Sieve, Linda and David Ulmer, Jennifer and Ivan D’Souza and Megan and Nicholas Nelson.