Morning Sickness and Self-Care

Author Marilyn Shannon offers pregnant women common sense self-care strategies that can help reduce morning sickness. In her booklet, Managing Morning Sickness, Marilyn, along with her daughter, Rosemary Shannon Imrick, who ‘field-tested’ of some of the suggestions, draws from medical research, her counseling experience, and her understanding of human physiology and shows that taking vitamins and minerals during pregnancy does reduce the incidence and severity of morning sickness.

She explains several strategies to avoid the nausea that can come just from taking your vitamins, and shares a tip to take digestive enzymes, which helps prevent food from just sitting in the stomach.

Managing Morning Sickness works from the premise that morning sickness is triggered by low blood glucose levels, and thus provides twelve “Anti-Hypoglycemia Guidelines for Pregnant Women” with suggestions for types and timing of healthy food.

“I think Managing Morning Sickness makes a great ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy!’ gift,” Marilyn said. “It certainly doesn’t imply that an expectant mom inevitably will get morning sickness, but here it is, just in case!”

Managing Morning Sickness can be ordered through CCL’s online store or by calling 800-745-8252.