A Different Perspective on NFP

Written by Céline Gaeta 

I have always struggled with irregular cycles and severe PMS. My symptoms only worsened in college, where stress and cafeteria food made it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. When I voiced my frustration to some of my friends, I was not expecting my problem to be relatable. Many of my female peers suffered from cycle irregularities just like myself!

Since most of us hope to have children someday, our cycle issues were the cause of considerable worry. Moreover, the hormonal imbalances at the root of our problems often came with unpleasant, if not painful, side effects. My fertility issues often felt beyond my understanding or control. Not always confident about where to turn for information, my friends and I often compared each other’s symptoms to better understand our own. Unfortunately, this often led to confusion and misconceptions about how a woman’s body works.

Our troubles did not end there. When their cycle issues worsened, a few of my friends decided to seek medical advice. Most were prescribed birth control as the first – if not only – solution. Some of my friends knew the pill was just a mask, covering up the underlying problems that were causing difficulties with their cycles. When they opted to find a healthier solution, they were greeted with judgment by their primary care physicians for choosing to stay off birth control. Where to turn now?

Unlike my friends, I am blessed to have parents who teach Natural Family Planning with CCL and who have an abundance of resources to share in the area of fertility. I was able to look to them when my friends or I had questions about cycles or when we needed to find doctors who could genuinely help.

After taking the NFP class offered by CCL, I came to realize and appreciate just how intricate and incredible a woman’s cycle is! The information I found there was a breath of fresh air about fertility. When I was recently diagnosed with the endocrine disorder Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), my newfound knowledge of the harmonious workings of a woman’s cycle helped me grasp how PCOS was affecting that harmony. Thanks to the knowledge I gained while charting my body’s fertility signs, my cycles no longer feel like such an unsolvable mystery!

Since graduating, a few of my friends who are now married found that taking an NFP class during their engagement period brought them a similar kind of peace. Most of my friends, like myself, were amazed at all there is to know about their own fertility and found the process of unveiling this beautiful mystery to be a truly profound one. They are happily and successfully using NFP in their marriages and are finding it to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally beneficial to their relationships.

When I recently discovered the Fertility Science Institute (FSI) through CCL, I was thrilled to learn that its mission is to spread fertility awareness and provide support for people in all stages of life. Every woman should know that there are reliable resources and knowledgeable people, who can provide her with the help she needs. All women can experience the peace that understanding my fertility brought me!

Céline is a recent graduate of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts with a passion for writing and teaching. She currently teaches elementary school classes remotely and lives in New Hampshire, where you can find her hiking, cooking, reading and playing the violin in her free time.