Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Promoters Sandy Kubacki and Colleen Karwisch, from Ohio, have been working together for years to make sure all the parish bulletins in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are covered with NFP announcements. Through their teamwork, they can keep all the parishes, contacts, and bulletin schedules organized.

Colleen shared how she and Sandy started small but easily expanded their promotions.  They started at their own parish, working with their priest to make sure there were regular NFP bulletin announcements. Once that was happening, they branched out and started calling other parishes to find the contact for bulletin announcements; adding a few at a time.  Sandy got updated local class information from CCL and shared that with Colleen who then contacted the parishes. They built up their parish list over time until they realized they were covering the entire Archdiocese.  When one person wasn’t able to send the announcement, the other stepped in. By working together and helping each other out, they kept their system going.  Colleen and Sandy are excited to start including the new PeakDay App in their announcements.  

Do you have a potential teammate in your Diocese? Contact CCL at and we can help you connect with other volunteers in your area and share upcoming classes and events.

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