Sharing the World of NFP with Others

Ronald and Andrea Gronsky of the Diocese of Oakland, CA gave a one-hour NFP presentation to their parish RCIA class via zoom in March. Their presentation included a screen-sharing program that Ron put together and had a Q&A session. The presentation was very well received by the candidates, and they each asked questions or gave comments. We shared website information for CCLI as well as other NFP methods; and the NFP section on the Oakland Diocese’s website. They gave participants their phone number for follow up questions.

Andrea participated in three Zoom meetings with their diocesan Family Life Representative and other NFP teachers in the Oakland Diocese to keep up to date on current NFP happenings. The Diocese requires all couples taking marriage prep to view an NFP Intro class and register for a course of their choice. Last year, Ron and Andrea had 30 online course registrations.

The Gronsky’s example shows us the importance of getting creative with our NFP audience. RCIA candidates coming from other faith backgrounds can benefit from learning the Church’s teaching on natural family planning from a credible and experienced couple. In addition, it’s beneficial to collaborate and coordinate with teachers from all NFP methods. If we work together to spread the word, everyone benefits.

Do you know someone who is wondering what NFP method is best for them? Refer them to our Method Matcher. It’s a helpful resource for the discernment process.