“Promote CCL” June 2023 Round-Up

Couple to Couple League NFP promoters were enthusiastically engaged in the month of June and they generated a lot of energy with their efforts! Spanish promotions are in the spotlight with many productive ideas: creating attractive posters to promote classes, emailing parishes to notify them of upcoming classes, and contacting marriage prep coordinators to notify them of upcoming classes and to encourage them to promote attendance at classes. One result of these Spanish promotion efforts was a parish marriage prep coordinator becoming interested in training as a CCL Spanish facilitator!

Our CCL promoters are spending their personal time going above and beyond while speaking at marriage retreats and pre-Cana events, presenting a table of NFP materials at a local women’s conference using eye-catching displays and exhibiting the downloadable CCL NFP posters, tending a table at a monthly pro-life ministry event, giving a NFP/TOB witness talk, presenting NFP during a parish RCIA Zoom class, attending a diocese Zoom meeting with the FLD, and taking time to talk with pastors and clergy to promote NFP.

CCL offers our promoters and TC’s opportunities to gain more experience and knowledge, as well, so they can go out and share it with others. Promoters and TC’s are taking advantage of this and are attending the regularly scheduled CCL chart review sessions, are downloading, using and becoming familiar with the PeakDay app, and most helpfully sending in photos of their efforts to encourage other promoters.

Thank you to everyone who continued to go the extra mile in June to promote NFP and CCL: Maria Alejandra Martinez Balderas & Zavier Balderas, Bernadette & Robert Jones, Jessica & Bill Davidson, Jennifer & Ivan D’Souza, Ronald & Andrea Gronsky and Megan & Nicholas Nelson.