Capturing Attention with Creative Displays

Jennifer and Ivan D’Souza used their imagination and a host of resources when creating their NFP promotion displays. Jennifer said the indoor display was from a “CCL/NFP/Theology of the Body table my husband and I presented at our Diocesan Catholic Women’s Conference. The table was a great success in terms of the interest it generated. We had a lot of visitors checking us out and having conversations with us, plus we received a lot of compliments on how eye-catching the display was! Vintage suitcases and scrap-fabric banners are all the rage, so it helped to capitalize on those fads, too. The flag banners are tiny CCL infographics posters machine-sewn onto bright fabric rectangles.

The D’Souzas also had an information table at The Church at Magee ecumenical pro-life event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This warm-weather monthly event involves prayer and song in a park plus a prayer march around the city’s women’s hospital in an effort to end abortions there. Each event includes pro-life ministry information tables, a monthly ministry witness talk, a pastor’s sermon, and a post-abortion testimony. Ivan and Jennifer have been present at over 10 of these events in the last 3 years, and this month they will be giving their third annual NFP/Theology of the Body witness talk.