Couple Combines Teaching & Promoting

Seth & Elizabeth Timpe of Colorado, USA, successfully combine the roles of CCL Teaching Couple and Promoters by keeping both in mind as they go about their ministry of spreading the good news about Natural Family Planning.

“Part of something my husband and I do is always give the NFP presentation at the local Marriage Prep Retreat. When we started teaching 7 years ago, we connected and met with all the local parishes so we would be able to share about our classes and support them. For our own parish we always present about NFP methods, its benefits to marriage, and how to take a class. We always recruit students by meeting them at the retreat. Bulletin announcements are a main part of what we do in our area for promoting. Since all the local parish Marriage Prep Directors and Deacons have our contact information it is easy to send off a bulletin request to them for the months before we have a class. We also send an email to the same people asking them to email it to their current marriage prep couples that will need an NFP class. On the front end this was how we were trained by the Teaching Couple before us. They told us to make sure to meet all the Directors and Deacons in the area and let them know we are the local CCL Teaching Couple and resource for the area. We never knew that Promoting was actually separate from Teaching until recently because there are no Promoters in our area. We realized we do both and they fit well together!”

How could you promote NFP as you go about your ministry? Could you connect with your local parish Marriage Prep Director or Deacon and offer your assistance or send your parish a bulletin announcement? Send us your best practices and activities and earn promo points!