CCL’s Latest in NFP Charting

Written by Mike Manhart. Originally published in Family Foundations in 2023.

As you read this, Peak Day – CCL’s newest version of our mobile charting tool – is available. This represents the latest iteration of CCL’s long-time effort to make charting easy and available to all. In the 1970’s CCL charts were all paper, then, overtime, modifications of the layout of the paper chart were made. In 2008, we Launched Cycle Pro, a pc-based charting tool that allowed users to track fertility symptoms and, for the first time, the algorithms in Cycle Pro would interpret the chart to define the fertile and infertile times in each cycle. In 2013, CycleProGo was launched providing anytime access to the algorithms of Cycle Pro via mobile phones. This was CCL’s first foray into the world of fertility tracking devices.

Since the early 2000’s, the popularity of Fertility trackers has skyrocketed with literally hundreds of apps available to download on iPhone or Android. Unfortunately, published reviews continue to show most fertility trackers have no connection to a proven method of NFP and often rely on some programmer’s interpretation of the Rhythm method. Nevertheless, their popularity remains; a 2019 survey of reproductive-aged US women indicated 19% use a fertility tracker at least once a month. Compare this figure to current use of oral contraceptives (14%). LARCs (long-acting reversable contraceptives) (11%) and females who are sterilized (18%) and the popularity of these tools is evident.

PeakDay is CCL’s latest effort to maintain the solid reputation we’ve built with CycleProGo as a dependable, effective charting tool while improving the app’s ease of use. PeakDay reflects a year worth of testing with various designs and layouts to get the “front end” of the app more engaging and easier to navigate for daily use. Rest assured the “back end” brains that interprets entered fertility observations is the same tried and tested CycleProGo.

We see PeakDay as an essential tool to step change CCL’s reach and mission. It’s built with a free “just tracking” mode that can be used by young girls and women who just want to track their cycles. For those using PeakDay to postpone or achieve pregnancy, several new features are available including embedded video refreshers on temperature and mucus recording, an improved chart view, and the ability to examine your last six charts side by side.

Most importantly, PeakDay is directly connected to humans who can answer your question- either via numerous FAQs, or multiple “get help” avenues. Our hope is PeakDay will be used by thousands more women using fertility trackers who might never consider a CCL class; and by accompanying them while using PeakDay, they will be motivated to learn NFP either via a CCL class or one offered in the future through Fertility Science Institute.