A New Path – Tools of the New Apostolic Age

Written by Katie Zulanas. Originally published in Family Foundations.

We’ve pondered before the beautiful picture of the resurrected Lord as a gardener waiting for Mary Magdalene to recognize Him. He is holding a spade—a tool for working. This past year has been a labor of love updating our CycleProGo app to be reintroduced as the new PeakDay App. After the dedicated work of our CCL staff, Dr. Manhart, our Catholic development group, Patmos and dozens of volunteer testers, the app is ready to be released. Thanks be to God and thanks too to Blessed Carlo Acutis for his intercession!

Seeing the app come to life again has been an unexpected joy.  I have been traveling recently and as I show the app to young and old across the country, their eyes light up as they contemplate the colorful calendar and features like cycle comparison, message board and chart sharing—features we’ve had but are now presented in a new attractive fashion.  It has really made our ministry come alive as people hold the app in their hands. 

It is a delicate subject, but just mentioning the word “fertility” has resulted in the most extraordinary and personal stories.  Somehow the love and care that are at the heart of our ministry come shining through PeakDay.  Its beautiful design also seems an invitation to recognize the goodness and truth of how wonderfully we are made. The new app is an important “tool” for our ministry!

As we work with our current app users to transition them to the new app, we look forward to our general release in mid 2023 and then server updates to allow us to keep up with FemTech technology.  This beautiful ministry, this “Great Work” that we were invited to be part of by Saint Pope Paul VI,  is about to enter a new chapter.  The diligent, hard work of CPG’s Brian Frackleton and CCL’s staff over the past 10 years to refine the underlying app logic will come to fruition with PeakDay. 

A great big “thank you” to our many teaching couples and promoters who have recommitted to the CCL mission.  We loved hearing the many great works that are happening for CCL!  With the new app, we will be looking for more teaching couples, mentors and coaches.  If you are feeling called to join CCL’s mission, please let us know at CCLI.org/volunteer.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress!