Making Straight the Path

Written by Katie Zulanas, Executive Director. 

In a “post-Roe” world, we have been inspired by and are asking for the intercession of John the Baptist as we “make straight the paths” to learning and living the NFP lifestyle. From his first powerful witness, when he leapt in the womb of his mother in greeting Mary and Jesus, to his example of being a “voice crying out in the wilderness,” John would understand how much courage and strength it requires to be as “counter-cultural” as CCL.

This current issue of Family Foundations brings to light the complexity and variety of challenges that present themselves as we journey through our vocation. From young marriage… to the challenge of miscarriage… to the continuing challenge of “what to cook for dinner!”, each day brings opportunities to spend ourselves in love and service to others. 

The very best legacy of CCL is our commitment to be there in support of each other through the long haul.  We pray for each other, we encourage each other, and that is just what is needed in a society that can’t seem to answer the question of “What is a woman?” For example, who could have imagined gender would ever be an issue–much less one that would be directed to create confusion in our innocent and defenseless children?

In a world rife with confusion and division, there is a great blessing to be part of an organization that is committed to Natural Law and Theology of the Body. These give us some “rules of the road” that provide some order to our world.  Thank God!  And thank you for being part of the CCL family!

The Board and Staff have been moving ahead to refine our classes and technology to continue to provide the most excellent training and support of NFP for those we serve.  We continue to work on everything from the app to marketing to our evangelistic outreach in Fertility Science Institute to create ways for people to hear and understand the truth that we are beautifully and wonderfully made.

The Old Testament closes with book of Malachi telling of the coming (after 400 years!) of John the Baptist.  He who “will turn the heart of fathers to their sons, and the heart of sons to their fathers” (Malachi 3:24)   It is our prayer that the great work that we have joined together to do as part of the Couple to Couple League will indeed make straight a path that will bring reconciliation and healing to the hearts of our hurting world.  May the Holy Family keep you in their tender care! Always!