Getting Ready for NFP Week

National Awareness Week for NFP is coming up July 24-30th, 2022. The USCCB designates Natural Family Planning Awareness Week during the week of July that highlights the anniversary of the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae (July 25) because it articulates Catholic beliefs about human sexuality, conjugal love, and responsible parenthood. The dates also mark the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne (July 26), the parents of the Blessed Mother. We join in this celebration with the Catholic Church in the United States and we invite you too, as well!

We have recently emailed and posted on social media, 10 ways that Couple to Couple League members can join us to celebrate and share the gift of Natural Family Planning. One of the ideas that we suggested was to host a local gathering with couples near you who teach or participate in classes of NFP. Our staff members put their heads together to come up with some fun ideas to do for the gathering and a special “Let’s Celebrate” cocktail recipe for the occasion.

We suggest trying some of these ideas at the local gathering:

  • If possible to schedule the gathering on Friday July 29th around 7pm CT, join us live online for a virtual toast with other NFP members across the country. More information coming soon!
  • Ask attendees to bring an appetizer or dish to share.
  • Wear your CCL swag or fan gear… (tshirts or just blue and green!) If kids are coming you can have a contest for the best blue and green outfit!
  • Designate a photographer and share your photos on social media. (If you want to make a make-shift photo booth, make a large cutout with cardboard of the CCL logo and have the couples take pictures inside the heart. )
  • Make the cocktail an activity by having a DIY cocktail station and another special station for the kids.
  • Have fun with decor – green and blue balloons, napkins and see if you can break out that CCL mood straw!
  • If the kids are coming, plan a few fun activities for them that are not all about NFP, obviously. How about a Catholic trivia game for older kids? Karaoke for all ages? If it is during the day, you could have some outdoor games using green and blue colors, like water balloon toss or decorating a bean-bag toss game.
  • You can toast the “Five Things we are celebrating in NFP week!” Here are some ideas. First, CCL has entered into the 51st year. That is something to thank God for and celebrate! Second, CCL has taught over 50,000 people NFP in the past 51 years. Third, CCL has been able to teach NFP all over the world in the US, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Columbia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Poland and more! Fourth, CCL has had thousands of teaching couples volunteer their time to spread the word about NFP. Fifth, CCL has generous donors who help keep our mission alive in the world today!