About CCL for Spanish Speaking Couples

A few months ago, I was sitting down with a friend having a cup of coffee and catching up on all we had missed in each other’s lives during our Covid time apart. She had been involved in CCL for a few years and was familiar with the method and programs, and she asked me “How are things going with the Spanish programs at CCL?” I enthusiastically filled her in on all the improvements and changes we had made to the Spanish programs since 2019. Her face became serious, and she said, “Silvia… why didn’t I know about these great new things? I need to tell other people about this!”

I have been working with CCL for 21 years, teaching over 600 couples our NFP method, but over the past two years, CCL has made leaps and bounds to connect with Spanish speaking couples. In 2019, we started offering the new updated class for Spanish speaking couples, Conoce Tu Fertilidad (Know Your Fertility). It is the main course for those couples who prefer Spanish instruction, helping them  develop fertility awareness. This course is different from the English course because it is teaching couples how to use the CPG app, step-by-step, throughout the cycle. Hand-in-hand, with the new course in 2019, we launched the CycleProGo app in Spanish, which has truly become an essential tool in the hands of couples learning NFP.

For couples, CCL now offers self-paced online classes, LIVE online courses, Facilitated In-Person classes, as well as LIVE online personal coaching in Spanish. In addition, we now offer Postpartum self-paced online classes in Spanish with personal coaching for mothers and LIVE online Perimenopause class  with personal coaching.

ligadepareja.org is a comprehensive website to find all the programs and classes for Spanish speaking community.

The two main reasons we have been able to offer these new options for Spanish speakers is because of generous donors and a dedicated team of teaching couples supporting these Spanish programs. One married couple that I taught had five children in five years with two sets of twins. After the Conoce tu Fertilidad course, she made a leap of faith and said, “I will never go back to contraception again.” That is a powerful example of conversion and faith in God. There is an immense need to share our CCL method and courses with more people in the Spanish speaking community. Spread the word in your parish, diocese and with friends or contact us to find out more.

Article by Silvia Schmidt. Originally published in Family Foundations January 2022.