Creating New Pathways

I remember when I saw that 0.4°F rise in temperature on my first chart.  Suddenly, Humanae Vitae became very personal.  It applied to me.  It applied to us.    It communicated that I was wonderfully made—according to God’s design. My husband and I were part of a bigger design.  Wow.  That personal experience – although it varies based on method and health—still touches the beauty and truth of our dignity—that there is an order and meaning to how our bodies work. 

This revelation resonates so deeply in our being, that thousands of us have been called over the past 50 years to join the mission of CCL to witness to the truth of the Theology of the Body.  We witness through teaching NFP couple to couple, humbly sharing our joys and trials with our brothers and sisters.  I am deeply grateful to the CCL community for putting my husband and I on this path—you showed us the way to practice NFP effectively and the fruits of this have blessed both our marriage and our family. 

The unexpected joy that bursts through as we journey along this path motivates us to share this gift that we have been given, but in equal measure, we are moved by compassion to be there for each other on this path.  Jesus tells us to “strive to enter through the narrow gate.” (Luke 13:24) and everyone who has practiced NFP will agree that there is a lot of striving going on!  Like bootcamp, it’s tough, but the rewards are great.  And extending a hand-up to each other as we struggle or fall along the path makes all the difference.

I asked one of our twenty-something members about their impression of CCL.  Her answer:  “Well, you’ve been around for 50 years, so I can trust you.” 

That trust has been earned over 50 years of sacrifice of time, talent and treasure of our members.  We witness to the truth of Humanae Vitae despite it being counter cultural. (Yep, we’re radicals!)  We put up with the eye-rolling, the ridicule, the snickers from friends, family, medical community and even, at times, the Church itself!  While the Church is coming to grips with how we need to gear up for the new Apostolic Age, CCL members are thoroughly battle-hardened and armored for this time.  And it’s a good thing! With more than 100 million downloads of fertility apps, the world is hungry for the truth we witness to.    

Time to create new pathways into the garden of Christ the Redeemer.  Let’s rededicate ourselves to the mission to share the gift of Humanae Vitae.  You were born for this time!  Please prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as we work together on building for the next 50 years.  St. John Paul II, pray for us!