CCL in Postpartum?

It is quiet in the garden these days outside our office window at the Holy Spirit Center.  Seemingly little happening there; however, just like at CCL, the “groundwork” for growth is being established.  It is, in fact, a very busy time for us!  

I had our team laughing when I remarked that CCL was in a postpartum phase. I was saying that this was a time of tremendous growth and promise at CCL, and it was very much like a postpartum time when you have to keep the household going—get meals on the table, get laundry done—as you nurture this new little (and precious) creation.  It’s wonderful!  And challenging!

Reflecting on the original garden, “Then God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them’; and it was so.”  Genesis 1:11, we feel like we are on a journey of discovery as our Live the Love initiatives show the promise of bearing fruit.

As the CCL Staff is very busy supporting our wonderful teachers and students in our regularly scheduled classes, we are also nurturing our pilot programs like our “Mother/Daughter Area,” “Virtual Spanish Class” and “Postpartum Group”  as we move toward our online university.  These “little sprouts” in our garden fill us with joy and wonder. 

However, like every postpartum parent knows, it is a time when you really need to humbly ask (and accept!) help.  Accordingly, I am humbly asking you for your support for the CCL mission at this most critical time.  Your willingness to pray, teach, promote, and financially sacrifice has built a tremendous well-spring of knowledge and experience to draw from in the past 50 years.  As millions of women are now learning of the truth and beauty of Humanae Vitae through fertility awareness, we have an unprecedented opportunity to tap into this CCL legacy to support their journey and to join with our partners to ensure our testimony to the truth reaches the marketplace.  Your financial contribution, if you are able to help, will keep our classes going and growing!

During a Christmas pageant, now years ago, our son’s kindergarten class sang about baby Jesus coming like a violet in the snow.  That song of the tender, precious and miraculous gift of the Christ Child has always stayed in my heart.  I am sure Mary and Joseph, being human, experienced wonder and awe, but probably had a few hectic moments too, as parents in the postpartum time.  Knowing that they love and understand us, we entrust the Couple to Couple League, our donors, volunteers and students to the Holy Family’s care and ask for God’s quiet lullaby of joy and peace to fill your hearts this season.