More than just a Fertility Awareness Method

I love that the Couple to Couple League (CCL) has never just taught the Sympto-Thermal Method. Why? Because to practice a fertility awareness method of family planning successfully, you need more than head knowledge. CCL has always been structured to provide whatever couples need live out the call to marital love as God designed. And this makes us different from most other providers.

Couples teaching couples

In Humanae Vitae, St. Paul VI encouraged us to minister “like…to like,” couple to couple. Our teaching couples lead by example. Sure, a woman can learn NFP from another women or a healthcare provider. But NFP is practiced as a couple. So all of our students have a married couple as their teacher. They use it, they live it, they get it. This allows them to be present to their students in a deeper way.

More information, more confidence

Especially when you are learning a fertility awareness method, your peace of mind matters. Research shows that natural methods using multiple biomarkers to establish fertility have higher effectiveness. So CCL teaches all three primary fertility signs. This gives students true freedom to then discern what approach works best with their unique fertility.

Shift happens — we get that

No one has textbook cycles all through their fertile years. Whether it is irregular fertility signs from PCOS or other hormonal disorders, or the transition times of postpartum and premenopause, CCL is right there through it all. We offer ongoing consulting and excellent transitions classes to help couples master the changes. We provide confidence from puberty to menopause.

Never go it alone

CCL offers online and local communities plus resources to help along the fertility journey: personal support, Family Foundations magazine, and much more. You will find help and inspiration not just with method questions, but because we teach within the context of God’s plan for marriage, but also resources to help your marriage grow spiritually through NFP as well.

Decades of experience

We are approaching our 50th year of ministry. We’ve seen it all. And we know that more important than the sympto-thermal method we teach are the couples who rely on it. We’ve accompanied thousands of couples through their fertility from beginning to end.

We’d love to be part of your journey, too. You deserve to experience the richness of your marriage vows as you plan your family. Let us help you live the love.

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