The week before Easter I was watching TOB speaker Christopher West doing a live Facebook event on finding peace in the midst of the Coronavirus craziness. In truly an aside, he remarked in passing that he was stressed as well, given that all of the TOB Institute’s live events had come to a screeching halt, seemingly stopping their evangelization in its tracks.

Well, in a move reminiscent of Romans 8:28 (“We know that all things work for good for those who love God”), the folks at the TOB Institute switched gears incredibly quickly and are now bringing TOB to those of us hunkered down at home.

Their free Theology of the Body Virtual Conference May 8-10 will feature over 70 prominent speakers and artists sharing their experiences with St. John Paul II’s masterwork teaching. As of April 30, more than 30,000 people around the world have registered, making this online event the largest gathering of TOB enthusiasts in history.

Even better, because CCL is an affiliate sponsor of this conference, you have the opportunity to purchase a discounted Premium Pass through CCL’s exclusive link.

Featured speakers include Christopher WestMichael WaldsteinDr. Janet SmithJeff CavinsLeah DarrowFather Donald CallowayJason EvertSr. Helena BurnsMatt FraddDr. Edward SriAnastasia Northrop, Chris StefanickFr. Timothy Gallagher and more than 50 other speakers. There is also a special track for over a dozen musicians and visual artists including Mike MangioneCory HeimannVince ScheuermanDave Leiberg and Ruthie Hoctor, who will show in song, film or images how the TOB has influenced their work.

Those familiar with CCL know that our NFP classes have been rooted in TOB since 2008. In our setting, we explore marital sexuality through the lens of TOB. But the teaching is much bigger than that. The Theology of the Body provides beautiful and compelling answers to the deepest questions we all ask ourselves: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I be happy? Why do I experience all these deep longings in my body and soul and what am I to do with them? What is my ultimate destiny and how do I get there?

There is no better opportunity to dip your toes into the waters of TOB. Whether you are completely new to it, just curious, or have been studying it for a while, there will be presentations for everyone and from every angle. Attendees will hear about TOB from the experiences of men, women, husbands, wives, singles, consecrated, clergy and religious. Reflections are coming from the perspective of parents, teachers, doctors, young adults, counselors, ministry leaders, authors and many other vocations.

Now here’s the rest of the truly good news: Registration is free for the conference weekend, but you can extend your experience with a Premium Pass. At noon EDT May 8, the conference will open and attendees will have access to all of the presentations, which are pre-recorded, so you can choose the order and pace. This free time of the conference will close at midnight EDT May 10.

But because CCL is an affiliate sponsor of this conference, you have the opportunity to purchase a discounted Premium Pass through CCL’s exclusive link. A Premium Pass gives you extended access to the conference content (who can watch over 70 presentations in one weekend?!?) plus exclusive bonus content, and special offers and goodies from conference sponsors. The cherry on top is that CCL will receive a portion of the proceeds from each Premium Pass sold through this link.

— Ann Gundlach
Director of Communications