Putting Some Mustard into It!

The meditation garden just outside our window here at CCL headquarters is just starting to come to life this spring–it’s going to be beautiful!  It brings to mind the story that Jesus tells us of the mustard seed; “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in a field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants. It becomes a large bush, and the ‘birds of the sky come and dwell in its branches.” Matthew 13:31-32.   In many ways, I feel like this year for us will be the story of the mustard seed.

Mustard plants supply stability to the soil, and discourage worms from attacking the vine, and even provide nutrients to the soil when they are plowed under.   For 49 years, the CCL community has worked tirelessly in the vineyard to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through the practice of NFP—teaching more than 500,000 students.  Our most recent surveys of our students reveal 97% of our students feel that the course was beneficial and 87% say they would recommend it!  Even when it appeared society was “plowing the message under,” it turns out, the soil was still being enriched to support future growth.  With over 14 million fertility awareness app users—this tireless work has provided rich soil indeed! 

Just like the garden that’s ready to burst forth, it is joyful to see the promise of 2020 unfolding.  We are happy to report that the number of couples taught has increased–reversing a downward trend over the past few years. We are working diligently to support our teachers, promoters and members in the mission of CCL.  Specifically, we have new online portals for both our English and Spanish volunteers.  With our long history of accompaniment, we are working to create a more welcoming environment to support men and women for a lifetime of NFP—providing access to answers and mentoring when questions arise.

We hope to encourage more of our members to participate as they can with new opportunities in 2020–all our small efforts will blossom to support the faith and love of couples and families. God bless you in all of your work in the vineyard!  We’ll be praying for you in the garden.

Katie Zulanas, Executive Director