Creighton Doctor Joins CCL Board of Directors

A new era is upon CCL with the recent addition of Christopher B. Stroud, MD, FACOG to the board of directors. Dr. Stroud is a Catholic OB/GYN in Fort Wayne, Ind., and a FertilityCare NaproTechnology physician. He is also the founder and president of the Fertility & Midwifery Care Center in Fort Wayne.

“We are honored to welcome Dr. Stroud to the board,” said Board Chairman Michael D. Manhart, PhD. “This is reflective of our commitment to bring together cooperative voices in the NFP arena to make our planned Live the Love initiatives come alive.”

The Live the Love initiatives have been launched by CCL in order to provide method-neutral outreach and support to anyone interested in natural approaches to family planning, regardless of the method they choose to practice.

On Dr. Stroud’s part, it was his experiences with CCL that drew him to get involved at a higher level.

“I’ve worked with CCL teaching couples in the marriage prep program here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, I’ve participated on panels and given presentations alongside CCL presenters, and many of my patients use CCL’s method,” he explained. “I have a tremendous respect for CCL, particularly how it has reached out to younger couples utilizing social media and the like. I also greatly respect the goal of CCL to improve marriages overall. I always find the CCL message to be one of pro-family and pro-marriage.”

Besides the obvious plus of being an obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Stroud is an experienced speaker on his personal conversion, fertility, women’s health and abortion; is part of the Catholic Medical Association; and he co-hosts the national radio show, “Doctor, Doctor,” heard weekly on EWTN Radio.

“As a FertilityCare doctor, he definitely brings his unique experiences and perspectives, and this is a big advantage as diversity of perspectives is always helpful in ensuring that we appeal to more people,” Manhart said. “We anticipate his wide experience helping CCL in many ways.”

Helping couples reach their family planning goals without compromising their faith is at the heart of Dr. Stroud’s work.

“I feel that my ability to reach people convincing them that they never have to choose between their fertility and the teachings of their church is most readily achieved by serving organizations such as CCL at the board level,” he said. “I think CCL is absolutely on the right path, and fits with my personal mission in life and the work I feel God has called me to do.”

— Ann Gundlach
Director of Communications

See Dr. Stroud’s story in the CCL video “The Decision” below, or on CCL’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.