11 Hilarious Toddlers React to Pregnancy

We all know that kids can say some of the most ridiculously funny stuff, but compound that with sensitive subjects like sex, pregnancy and nursing and the results are gold. We asked for some of your best toddler reactions to pregnant women, and you delivered.

(Note: Some stories have been edited for clarity and anonymity.)

My pregnant sister-in-law deflected the question when her small kids asked, “How does that baby get out of there?” Later they were watching a documentary. A large fish swam by, opened its mouth, and a ton of tiny fish came swimming out. “Oh!” said my nephews.

— M.A.B.

My 2-year-old was tickling my very pregnant belly, saying, “I’m tickling the baby, Mommy!” After a pause he asked me, “Is the baby laughing?”

— A.G.R.

There was a medical problem with Thomas that caused his belly to get really bloated, and we were told to use Miralax to help things along. Soooo I was pregnant with Lydia and my belly started getting bigger and bigger and he would ask all the time if I needed to poop. Including in public: “Mama, you need some Miralax?” Toddlers are savages

— C.D.

When I was 38 weeks pregnant with my son, I was at my last doctor appointment and this little boy in the waiting room said out loud to his mom, “Wow mommy, that lady must have swallowed something really big!”

— E.P.

When I was pregnant with child #2 my oldest daughter was 4 and in a stage where she called everyone by the animal name she assigned them. She would introduce herself like this: “Hi I’m Emily. I’m a dog. And my mom’s going to have a fish.”

— M.F.

When I was very pregnant with our fourth baby and wearing a grey shirt, my five-year-old son said, “Mommy, your belly looks just like the Death Star!”

— J.R.

Larkson told me she wanted to carry the baby for me. She then hugged my belly and tried to walk away with it.

— S.T.

The kindergarteners used my body as an example when learning the letter B.

— R. R.

When we told our boys that they were going to have another sibling and that the baby was growing inside mommy’s belly our 3-year-old looked at me very concerned and said, “Mama, you shouldn’t eat a baby!”

— N.H.

My cousin’s daughter saw me breastfeeding and was enamored. The next morning, she was so excited to tell everyone about how one day she would have holes in her boobs to feed her babies, too.

— G.H.

My four-year-old to me while I was pregnant with her little brother: “Mom, I know your belly gets big when you’re pregnant. But is there a baby in your butt too?”

— A.P.

— Forest (Hempen) Barnette
Marketing and Communications Associate