20 of Our Best NFP Memes

We’ve been contributing the world of NFP memes for nearly a year now. In honor of #NFPweek, here are some of our biggest hits:

1) This one about frankenmethods.

2) Ugggh, #amiright?

3) Sean Bean gets it.

4) This ridiculous argument.

5) They’re definitely…unique interactions.

6) #FertilityAwarenessProblems

7) We know there’s a learning curve.

8) Just the facts.

9) Ayyyy-o KO!

10) It’s never too late but…

11) Sean Bean at it again.

12) Can’t tell if I should laugh or cry.

13) We’ve all been there.

14) This uncomfortably relatable combination of pixels.

15) That’s the tea. (…soda?)

16) [laughs in dozens of peer-reviewed studies]

17) This flawless mainstream logic.

18) The way NFP expands your mind and your heart.

19) Sweeter words were never spoken.

20) And finally, this fan favorite.

— Forest (Hempen) Barnette
Former Marketing and Communications Associate