Man to Man: Advice from NFP Grooms

From the Family Foundations archives


She said yes! Great!

Now what?

There’s finding a church, ordering food, booking the DJ and photographer. It’s enough to make a guy go nuts!

The recently engaged and married fellows interviewed by Family Foundations offered a few pointers for men preparing to take the big step. From learning how to argue to taking the church’s marriage-preparation program seriously, the engagement can get you started on the right foot or the wrong one. It all depends how much effort you’re willing to invest.

  • Don’t be shy about giving your input, but don’t make a federal case over which entree you prefer. It is the most important day of your life, but it’s just one day. It’s all the years that come later that matter.
  • Take marriage prep seriously. Learning NFP prior to marriage can bring to light issues that should be discussed before marriage.
  • Get used to doing things together. We guys tend to be independent. It’s OK to depend on someone else.
  • Getting married won’t magically solve whatever problems you face, so don’t put off dealing with them. Getting on the same page on life’s biggest issues (children, money, etc.) is critical to a happy marriage.
  • Your love will grow and it will change but never forget why you love her. Find new reasons to love her as often as you can. And remember that God is an important part of your relationship.

The engagement might not be a non-stop fairy tale, but it should be an opportunity to learn the most intimate details about how each person thinks and grow in love for each other and for God.

— Christian and Kathleen M. Basi

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