Try These Shops for Cute Nursing Clothes

via Seraphine

A recent cultural movement to embrace public breastfeeding — with or without a cover — has been gaining momentum. While we welcome a more accepting attitude toward public breastfeeding, we certainly don’t want anyone baring their chests in front of strangers.

Nursing moms, keep your shirts on. We scoured the internet for nursing clothes that you’ll be proud to wear anywhere with sneaky access points no one will even notice. And of course, there are always breastfeeding scarves for a little extra coverage and comfort. These aren’t official recommendations, but here are some online retailers that are worth checking out.

For fancy clothes: Seraphine

Seraphine’s tagline is “Fashionably Pregnant,” so it’s no surprise that this place is the jackpot for Sunday best and better. Their line of formal dresses accommodates pregnant moms, nursing moms and even some pieces that handle both so you can get the most wear out of your new purchase. Cocktail party? Military ball? Wedding? It’s all here.

Office and church clothes also come in maternity, nursing and combo varieties, alongside comfy casual clothes, skin-to-skin shirts, sleepwear and so much more. The European company even offers a line of baby clothes (including designer and organic options). Whatever the selection, all of the nursing access points are so well-hidden that the only people who will know you’re in a nursing outfit are other nursing moms!

Admittedly, Seraphine’s prices run on the higher side, so you may want want to stick to the outlet tab unless buying for a special occasion or splurge. Some of the pieces are impressive enough to be worth the high price, though, such as their practical baby-wearing-friendly coats and sweatshirts that keep both mom (or dad!) and baby bundled and warm.

For casual clothes: Old Navy

What can we say? An oldie but a goodie, they’re reliable and you can shop online or in person. The clothes are comfortable, durable, practical, and still adorable for your postpartum Insta updates. It helps that they’re always having sales and discounts on their already great prices. Our only complaint is the limited variety. For being a national retailer, it would be great to see a little more depth out of the nursing line.

Awesome variety: Milk Nursingwear

For the size of its inventory, Milk Nursingwear provides amazing variety. Tank, short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, long sleeved tops; nursing, maternity, both; casual or fancy clothes; shorter or maxi dresses; sleepwear; nursing or pumping bras — they’re all there. The selection doesn’t feel repetitive nor sparse, but it isn’t overwhelming either. Perhaps best of all, each product features clear pictures illustrating how to feed while wearing it. Check out the sale tab for extra discounts (regular prices are moderate) or the accessories tab if you’re looking for extra coverage from a nursing scarf or cover.

Great shop all around: Latched Mama

Made by moms for moms, Latched Mama is all about providing a “no thought” breastfeeding wardrobe that’s comfortable, affordable and easy to wear while caring for older children as well as the newborn. Their website describes their selection as “play clothes for nursing moms,” but we think LM is good for pretty much anything. Their selection features dresses great for church or the office, tops that run the gamut from fancy to casual that will pair nicely with your favorite pants, and even swim wear!

Latched Mama’s prices are already very reasonable, but for those families pinching pennies, there’s an outlet tab, too. Plus, free shipping on all orders over $75 and returns are accepted within 30 days. What’s there to lose?

Honorable mention: A Pea in the Pod

This shop has a simple, comfy and airy style that we love. It doesn’t necessarily outrank the previous listings in terms of variety, quality or price, but it’s worth a mention (plus the name! How adorable is that?!). Their maternity and nursing lines blend seamlessly, and the clothes are beautifully feminine for a reasonable price. But again, if your finances are tight, there’s something for everyone under the sale tab. The deeper we dig into the website, the more variety we find, so take a look for yourself!

— CCL Staff Member