Abstinence and Acts of Service

This article is part of a series called Abstinence and the love languages.

Acts of service are great when they’re a regular part of household maintenance, but they’re even better when they go above and beyond normal expectations. Let your spouse know how much they mean to you by putting yourself at the service of their needs and the needs of your family — without complaining.

Here are just a few practical ways to serve your spouse in a meaningful way:

  • Take diaper duty when it’s not your turn
  • Those dishes won’t wash themselves
  • Send her on a girls’ night with her friends and clean the house while she’s gone
  • Help him put his suitjacket on, even though he can do it himself
  • Two words: foot massage
  • Do that simple repair that needs to be done
  • If you don’t know, ask: “What can I do to help you feel relaxed?”
  • Set up a homemade spa day for her. Light the candles, set the playlist, break out the bath bomb and take the kids out for the afternoon.
  • You know that chore he hates to do? Do it for him today.
  • Clean her muddy shoes, she’s drained from that run
  • Get the kids in on the affection by making it a game to clean the house before he gets back from those errands
  • Offer to put the clear topcoat on her nails, or to do her nails from start to finish if you’ve got a steady hand
  • Run the vacuum for him when he’s sick
  • Stop what you’re doing when she gets home and really listen to how her day went
  • Drive the extra distance to pick him up from the airport so he’s greeted with a friendly face
  • Walk the dog so she can rest
  • When you get up to grab a movie snack for yourself, grab one for him too
  • Take her car and fill it with gas
  • Help him weed the garden so it goes faster
  • Pick up that meal she mentioned she was craving yesterday
  • DVR that game or show you know he’ll miss
  • Open the car door for her
  • Drop off lunch for him at the office in the middle of the day
  • Hold her hair during that rough first trimester
  • Wash his car for him, bonus points if you clean the inside, too!
  • Help her brainstorm for that project at work
  • Knock out one of his errands as you’re running your own
  • Pick her clothes up off the floor without complaining
  • Iron his shirts before the big meeting
  • Did she mention her car is acting weird? Take the car to the shop for her

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— CCL Staff Member